The Ultimate Guide: Getting Rid of the Smoke Smell


For all the information you need about smoking or vaping visit Payspi website. One of the biggest problems that most people who smoke complain about is the difficulty of getting rid of smoke smell. Whether it is from the clothes you wear or from the house you live, there are many ways to remove the smell of cigarette smoke.

Washable items

If it is a washable item, be it the furnishings in your home like bedsheets, blankets or even cushion covers or your clothes you can easily get rid of smoke smell. All have to do is to add vinegar to your regular wash cycle. You can even add a scented fabric conditioner.

Check the filters

If you have an old filter that is not working well, then it might not help. So inspect your filter on a regular basis and get a good quality filter installed. If the filters installed in your ventilation system are not carbon fiber filters, getting them replaced can be of great help. Carbon fiber filters are known to be the most effective ways to remove the smell of smoke from the house.

Improve the circulation

You cannot always rely on your home ventilation system to help remove the odor. Make sure that you keep the doors and windows open frequently. This can help improve the circulation of the indoor air and also quickly remove the smell of smoke.

For small items

If there are small items at home that are still smelling of smoke, you can place them in a paper bag with coffee grounds. Baking soda is also known to be good to remove odors of all kinds.

Odor bombs For quick fixes of smoke smell, there are odor bombs. These are upgraded versions of your conventional air fresheners and can do their job real quick.

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