Home Tips: How to Restore & Maintain a Wood Deck


For outdoor decking wood is one of the oldest choices and is still the most popular option as well. But the one thing that people with wooden deck complain about is the difficulty of keeping the deck looking clean and new. If you choose composite decking boards then you can simply use a hose to wash off your deck. It is easy to maintain the composite decking boards. But for wooden decking here are some tips to follow –

Maintenance tips

  • Make sure that you thoroughly examine the wood for rot on a regular basis. While you get the decking installed choose lumber that is dry and one that is rot resistant. Treated lumber which can resist decay is an easier option.
  • Cleaning of the deck on a regular basis is essential. Along with this, schedule power washing for your deck once in a while.
  • Sealing with suitable stains would help protect the wood and elongate its life. This also helps prevent the wood from the weather elements.


  • If you have a deck that is looking old and worn out here are a few things to do to make it look as good as new-
  • Get the repairs done. If there are planks with tiny cracks get the filling done. Sand the splintered area. Replace the worn out planks.
  • Choose a weatherproof stain for the deck and apply the recommended number of coats.
  • If you are looking for a simpler alternative choose suitable outdoor paint for the wood decking.

Besides doing all of the above, ensure that you pick the right type of cleaners for your wood. Choose those that do not corrode the surface or affect the quality of the wood. There are also some cleaners that can interfere with the sealant or stain that is applied to the wood.

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